Save Here, Get Print Somewhere – Cloud Printing.

“For taking a hardcopy (print) you need a printer, which is attached to a computer, through which it gets Print Commands. In not so olden days you needed to connect computers manually to transfer these Print Commands (Print Jobs) to different computers in a network.”

If you need Prints from a computer that is outside your Home Network. What will you do ? You probably upload files to E-mails & get print at other end / use Pendrives. Another option is using ePrint Printers. But, with the current trend / advancement of cloud computing you do not need to do so.

And one of my favourite & the best service which I see today is from Search Engine Gaint – Google. This service is famously known as Google Cloud Print. It is a service from Google that helps in printing E-mails, Documents & other files from mobile phone or computer just with a internet connection.

So, in what cases Cloud Printing is helpful ?

  • When you do not have printer at your home and you get Prints from outside your home network (Internet Cafes, etc).
  • When you do not want to manually connect each and every computer in a network, to the Printer.
  • When you do not want to connect your laptop to Printer, when you already have a desktop connected to it.
Let me explain this easy going with a single example. I am a student and do not have a Printer yet. I take Print-outs at Internet Cafes. Like most Indians I travel a lot by Indian Railways. Railway Tickets are a must while travelling (either hard copy or e-copy).
When you book tickets, the online version of tickets need to be manually copied for Print-outs and pasted in Ms-Office / Ms-Onenote, which frustrates you taking much of your time.
Printer 300x157 Save Here, Get Print Somewhere   Cloud Printing.

Cloud Printing

In such a scenario the simple solution would be Printing from Clouds (Cloud Printing) as illustrated below.

How To Do Cloud Printing ?

Step 1 : Firstly, open Google Chrome. Goto : settings (Gear Icon ) > Preferences (options) > Under The Hood > Google Cloud Print > Sign-in to Google Cloud Print with your Google Account.

Step 2 : Click Printer Registration. Google Cloud Print will start to search all Printers on your P.C.

Step 3 : Click “manage your printers” to see all Printers on your system.

Step 4 : Here you can see an option “Save To Google Docs”. Thats it as tittle goes, SAVE HERE, GET PRINT SOMEWHERE.

Step5 : Next give Print Commands for any of your documents (tickets, documents, spreadsheets, etc) in Google Chrome (Not any other browser). As soon as you give Print Commands, you are taken to a Print Preview screen there you get different options on left panel like Destination, Pages (from-to), number of copies, layout (Potrait / Landscape), Colour (Colour/Black & White), etc.

  • Here in destination you need to choose “Print With Google Cloud Print” and hit “Print”.
  • Then select “Save To Google Docs”. Thats it, half the job is done.

Step 6 : Your document is now saved to Google Docs account associated with previously signed Google Account. It will saved as PDF document and you can get print-out from any Desktop/Tablet/Laptop.

Now goto “Google Docs” and sign-in with same account as previouly done. Open the document goto “File” and select “Print PDF”. You can even download document to second P.C. You can even upload documents to Print. You can even share your Printers to get print jobs over internet. After sharing your Printer, the other person can accept the shared Printer and send Print Jobs to you from the comfort of his Desktop/Laptop/Mobile.

This way you can acces your Printer from any browser or Mobile Phone. Another important advantage is that Print Jobs can be sent between Linux, Windows or Mac. Google Cloud Print removes the hassle of manual networking and everything works with a few clicks within your browser. Google Cloud Print can be termed as “Global Network”. But, being Google product it supports only Google Chrome browser. HP ePrint, Kodak and Epson are some Cloud ready printers. The Apps that supports Google Cloud Print are Google Chrome Browser, Google Print BETA, Google DOCS, Print Central PRO (For ios), Mobile Google Apps & Kodak Email Print (For any mobile devices, etc.

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