How To : Share Image Media With Twitter. 29

“We have already shared about Twitter’s plan to host images on Photobucket which are shared on Twitter.”

Today, I will give a small tutorial about how to see images on any profiles.

Also, how to share our own images on Twitter.

Here is a screenshot of such a image {Our LOGO} shared on my own Twitter Profile.

Twitter 300x163 How To : Share Image Media With Twitter.


One can also check with this LINK.

With reference to this article, HERE.

The questions arises, what will happen to images already hosted on old major Image Hosting sites like Instagram, Yfrog & Tweetdeck. You will be getting all images on your profile page just on right side.

Now, for sharing your images and location. All you need is just click in tweet box and click icons below Tweet box, Upload Image & Enjoy. Similarly, you can update your location.

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