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“Over the Internet nowadays users are not only restricted to search for their own needs (Google), but take out time to be in contact with their Friends and Relatives (Facebook). Today, I spoke to a friend of mine with whom I didn’t have contact since last 8+ years. This was possible by getting his number from Facebook Profile. Certainly, Facebook is very useful in getting and staying connected with strangers and known ones. This historical site has recently valuated with an estimate of $100 Billion.”

So, what this gave its user? That Facebook comes up in top 5 most visited websites of World, along with Google. And, people getting so much addicted to Facebook? Putting it in founder Mark Zukerberg’s Words is its “The Power Of Sharing”.

On the other hand we have the “Power Of Search” offered by Search Giant Google. Facebook also tied with Bing to give searching advantage in Facebook. I guess because of this bing  integration on Fb and good user interface of Bing which made Google  to lose a bit user share. So, might be to  overcome this you are seeing a gradual facelifts (using, HTML5 + WebGl ) in many Google Products, like  Google Search, Gmail, Google Pack, Google Images, Google Sketch up etc.

Google+ Project is more of a identity for Google. So, Google+ is a part of its rolling. We are not here to to compare Facebook and Google+. But, when technologies are almost similar to one another, comparison surely happens within ourselves. And, certainly Google + will be compared with Facebook on Blogosphere.

So, what is Google+ Project?

As the name suggest is not the pinnacle.  Updates are yet to come. Google+ project is led by Vic Gundotra & MacArthur, Google’s senior vice president of social. The project proves all the rumours of Google’s Social Networking Site. And seems to be Google’s answer to Facebook’s top user base ranking then Google.

Before we had Orkut, Reader, Buzz, Youtube, etc. which we used quenching the sharing thirst.  Google has now provided a common platform similar to Facebook.  The “Google+” – Social Sharing Website. Thus, Google+ (Google +You, as per new black toolbar on is a part of Google+ Project.

Google + 300x160 Google+ Project, Google Social sharing Site With Circles, Sparks, Hang Out, and Huddle(On Mobile).

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The site is yet not open to all. One can get invitations Here. What people testing it have to say?. In fact, even I have tested it, but this article was already written by that time. Got a bit late in adding additional things. This just provides more user friendly experience, when compared to Facebook . Some features of Google+ are :

+Circles : This is something like Facebook’s friends list/Twitter’s List. But, the new user interface is good. The friends in your lists are from your Social Circle + Android Contacts. One who finds it difficult with sharing in Facebook (Share With, Hide From) will really enjoy this interface. Features overcoming facebook are :

  1. Tagging you with your prior permission.
  2. Your tagging shown only to the person tagged, Personal (Private) friend list oops Circle.
  3. There are spaces on Google+ servers for celebrities whom you can follow (swirl him/her in a circle).
  4. Drag n drop contacts to lists. And, contact swirls in a circle (Thank God, he doesn’t hurt himself) a pop-up bubble comes up “+1” showing he is added.
  5. When you delete a circle. That goes away to right/left like a wheel. Remember, you will loose everything shared with them.

+Spark : This service is quiet similar to StumbleUpon. Where, we select our things of interest and Google searches for you. Spark, termed as sharing engine is the most helpful feature of Google+, if one uses it. As Google is the “King Of Contents”. We rarely see any site not being submitted to Google Search. So, you get to see all ranging from news, videos, photos, etc all of your those in 44 languages. Features overcoming facebook are :

  1. Facebook doesn’t have option to save for future sharing, Google+ has.
  2. We don’t see any recommendations from facebook apart from their silly apps. Hope, they need to work with Bing over this. Or may be StumbleUpon itself.
  3. Photos can be taken and shared with Android Apps with your camera built phone (Initially Android is one, offcourse).

+Hangouts : This might be said the most good concept. Just hit the hangout button and tell the world that you are free for a video chat. But, your video is not open to all. At a time I saw some 10 peoples can stick to their screens. Google’s on-screen gatherings taking you face-face with people in your circle is pretty cool. I can compare it to Skype chat. Nowadays, I experience very much of a noise with my Video Skype Chat. Hope, doesn’t happen later with Google+ Hangouts.

Be careful while sharing your video with people in your circle.

little more comparison with Facebook.

  1. Facebook needs Third-Party Apps support for Video chats. But, they are in process of making it available as per this leaked report.
  2. One cannot use the platform of facebook to see any online video, with your friends just like sitting in real life. But, one can do in Google+ multi-video chat.
  3. I was able to add share videos with 10 peoples at a time.

+Mobile : As nowadays everyone has a Cell Phone (with GPS, Camera). One can update your Location, upload Photos (With instant upload in your private album) & send Group/Private Messages in Google+ . People have grown over last decade with concept of sharing own photos. They are surely going to use it.

+Huddle : The Group messaging service is called Huddle. Presently, the Apps are restricted to Android and iPhone. There might be work started in some corner of the world for bringing this to other platforms. Although, many Mobile OS have Group Messaging Apps, here is one with Google+.

Download google+ from Android Market for now.

Below is video about Google+, which one should never take it too seriously.

Announcement : You will be seeing the latest feature from Web-World on our Youtube Channel. When there is nothing important to mention, there will be something useful stuff in between. Stay tuned and subscribe to it.
Design & Usability under Google+ Project as a whole :

As you might have seen the look and feel of Google Home Page and its Products is changing. As they said its more of of focus (Removing unwanted things), Elasticity (Having same visual experience when using different devices to access the site) and Effortlessness (This is possible using HTML5, which gives more clean screen) under their new CEO Larry Page.

  1. If Google+ does not have App posts in their stream for now. I feel as if it is a Godsend.
  2. The photos in stream are larger than that in facebook.
  3. There are even E-mail notifications here (For Posting, Commenting, Tagging, Adding in a circle, Comments on Tagging).
  4. Here I saw a little kid alerting about Notifications, just number from facebook is changed to little kid.
  5. Instant chat exists along with +Hangouts.
  6. You can E-mail any person by clicking just below his profile. That means your regular E-mail which is associated with Orkut/Gmail Right? So, its up-to you to care that inbox should not become like your Orkut Messages. Settings of sharing with Circles helps you. The first thing you should do after handling settings.

So, what are you waiting for? Even, being facebook alike you don’t wanna test it? Apply Here. I was lucky to use from someone already got the invite. We hope that Google+ doesn’t fail like Google’s last Social Test – Buzz. But, as it is a project. It might be adding new features to it. But, for now you cannot do things that you do daily with your own facebook. It won’t be instantaneous facebook competitor.

  1. And, for now you cannot update from other Social Networking Sites on Google+.
  2. Play Games, Using Third-Party….  (Useful & Useless Apps).
  3. Birthday Remainders, etc (I use Google Calender being in India, coming soon).
If I have left any feature of Google+ purposely for you to comment then comment below please. For any help with regard to Google Social Search, See HERE.

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