Get six-month licensed full versions Anti-Virus – Free.

“These days one cannot survive on Web without an Anti-Virus. Even when you purchase those so called Free Anti-Virus you are left with no other option other than formatting the devices after few months. So, you need a licensed  version of Anti-Virus software for complete protection of your computer.”

Also, there are many spam links on websites which we unknowingly click and our device gets affected. This is also the case  while using Social Networking Sites like Facebook. We see many Webspams on Facebook.  In a bid to further stop these Facebook has gone a step further and worked with industry leader in Security like Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos, and Symantec and they have opened a Anti-Virus Marketplace. This AV Marketplace is a call to above mentioned Security Services. You can read more about it in this release notes,  HERE.

Facebook AV Marketplace Get six month licensed full versions Anti Virus   Free.

“:Now, Facebook’s more than 900 million users will be protected by the combined intelligence of these security industry.” via Release Notes.

In which the user going to benefited by this step ?
  • At Facebook they scan millions on link daily to identify scams, malicious profiles, pages and Apps. Now, with the above said integration a user is protected by not only Facebook Security but also by this major security services. And, such malicious objects are directly sent to URL Blacklist System Database.
  • Also at this Anti-Virus Marketplace you get Free six-month licensed version of anti-virus from partners like  from Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos, or Symantec. Thus, a user can choose a Anti-Virus with which he is comfortable with. But there are few more anti-virus like Kaspersky, AVG which are not present on this list.
  • And there will educational material available on Facebook Security Blog. so that a user at Facebook can keep his data safe.
The marketplace can be reached HERE. You need to Sign-in with facebook account and can down your desired Anti-Virus. But, for Microsoft Security Essential you need a Genuine Windows Operating System. Also, you can click Download only once. So carefully select and download your desired Anti-Virus and relax for the next six month.
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