Create A Social Card And Timeline With Your Social Networks.

“If you are a blogger like me and you daily join a new service like social networking sites, photos & video sharing sites. Now, you need to show all this probably on your facebook profile. What if you get a single platform for speaking out. Today, we are going to share two such services.”

As the tittle suggests first we create a Virtual Social Card with your Social Network. I came across this service where we can create a business card, it is called as My One Page. Which can be reached here. Using this site you can create a Virtual Social Card with your picture and links for many of your Social Networks.

The site has four Sign up options. Three being signing with Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin. The fourth option is standard sign up using Email. When signed in using first three services your corresponding picture is used by this service. After the sign up you can add Name, Designation & Bio. You can now add contact point to your cards which comes in categories like Basic, Media, News & Bookmarks, instant messages, lifestream, blogs and microblogs, professional, documents and location.

After building your Social Card you can embed it into websites. But, the Java code won’t seems to be working so. But, you can share it on Facebook and Twitter also take a picture of it as I have shown below. Here is my One Page : LINK.

MyOnePage Create A Social Card And Timeline With Your Social Networks.


Next, we spoke about Timeline. Yes, I am going to share such a site which makes a horrizontal Timeline of your Photos, Videos, Blog Posts, Tweets from selected Social Networks. Its called Memolane. The site is very simple to use. It really creates a beautiful Timeline. I have created a video as how to create a Timeline. Its shown below. I have my Timeline HERE The only disadvantage with this site is Timeline is not created instantaneously. It takes time to create one. I did some changes with just name of my so called Lane and it is now not showing that horizontal Timeline.

You can even embed your Time as shown Here. You can even connect Memolane with your Facebook Account.

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