Comparison Of Online Storage Services. 1

“You have your personal files like Photos, Videos, other files on your personal computer and you would like to share it on different other computers/mobile phoes/tablets. For doing do, there are many choices today. Like Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive, Sugsrsync & Box.”

All offer free file storing and sharing upto certain level. Th.en, if you want more space then you need to purchase extra online space. Here, is a short comparison chart to decide which service is good for you. You can download this from HERE.

Here are some further more details for you to decide.

  • Skydrive is offering 7GB of free space for new user. If you are an existing skydrive user then you can freely upgrade it to 25GB at this LINK. Just you need to have Windowslive ID to access Skydrive. All files synchronized on Skydrive can be viewed, shared and also edited with permissions within browser itself. If you work more on Microsoft Office files like Word, Excel, Powerpoint & Onenote then this site is very useful in accessing your files on above mentioned devices. Also Skydrive supports Windows Phone.
  • Google drive is useful when you work more with Google Docs. It has brought all functionality of Google Docs. You can very soon email any file from your Google Drive account to another user as an email attachment, a useful feature that’s missing in all the other online drives. There is very power search features in Google Drive.
  • On the other hand Dropbox has plenty Apps. You can host a website on Dropbox. You can backup your whole WordPress database on Dropbox, etc. Google drive and more seriously Skydrive miss this so called App culture for now.
  • Sugar sync on the other supports many devices. Here, it one step ahead then others.
  • Now coming to Box. For now, Box gives only storage space and not any kind of synchronization. But, Box importance comes to light with the fact that 82% of Fortune 500 use Box. Its an old service.

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