Best, Collected April Fools’ Day Pranks Of 2013.

“April Fools’ Day or just can be said as Fools days is celebrated by people around the world. People make kind of a practical jokes & play hoaxes (trick into believing or accepting as genuine something,  which is  false) with each other. This tradition being funny many giants also publish many false news.”

Today, it’s easier to reach wider audience due to the spread of internet. Something a little bit similar done on Holi festival in India. And when it comes to Cyber giants “Google” always wins the race, each year. They add seriousness into it by making a video & releasing it on YouTube. May be their Gmail Motion or Google’s Animal Browser. This time Google has come out with 15 April Fool Pranks out of its different product. The thing people will be waiting whole year for.

  • Gmail turns blue.

After nine years of its launch, you compose button turns blue when u click. Complete Story. May be to compete new ha ha ha.

  • YouTube all set to close.

They say site was started in 2005 to choose the best online Video & catalyse peoples creativity. Video also says site will be closed & again will open on 2023 & they will be declaring the best video. No doubt they are acting as catalyst for human creativity. But, the last years prank was much better. Complete Story.

  • Google’s Treasure Maps.

According to Google, a deep sea expedition off the coast of Madagascar while getting underwater Street View photos (real, not April Fools’ related) — led to the discovery of infamous pirate William “Captain” Kidd’s treasure maps. Thus, the birth of Google Maps: Treasure Mode. Google need your help to decipher these symbols and find Captain Kidd’s treasures; therefore they have decided to digitize the map and make it accessible to everyone. Though, Google might be having more treasure then these maps wants to speak. Complete Story.

  • Emotion+ in Google+.

An option to add stylized emotions to your photos in Google+. Would be good thought if you people do so. At least there would be some more traffic on Google+. Got only some 700 shares when this article was written. Click below image to read complete story.

Emotions Best, Collected April Fools’ Day Pranks Of 2013.

  • Google Analytics shows surprise visitors from Space Station.

Google Analytics which shows how visitors are interacting with your website, yesterday suddenly showed visitors form International Space Station. But, this was limited to some accounts. I got a pic for you all.

New visitor in Google Analytics thumb Best, Collected April Fools’ Day Pranks Of 2013.

  • Get Google Fibre from Electricity Poles.

After its successful launch in Kansas City, Google fibre the 1 Gbps connection is set to come to Kerala, India. I have a fear that the connection  doesn’t drop like power failures in India. Enjoy the video below. The most hilarious part of this is the a Hacker on footpath.

  • Google’s Levity App.

Business emails which are usually boring can be made funny with just a click – Google Enterpriser’s “Levity Algorithm,” made in conjunction with Chicago’s Second City Communications. The app can rename boring meetings like “business roundtable discussion” to “Drinks with S. Colbert” or “Peanut Butter Jelly Time.”

  • Google Nose.

Get ready for “new scentsation in search”,  Google Nose, the only tool that allows you to search for smells. (Now  in BETA testing.). I felt it most hilarious. But imagine if this becomes possible one day then we can buy perfumes online by smelling.

This was with Google. They even made a Australian specific prank. Now lets head to some other interesting pranks from say twitter.

  • New service Twttr.

They said they shifted to Freemium model. There service “Twttr” will allow you to use just consonantss. If you want to use Vowels in your Tweets then you need to pay $5/month in order to continue to use old “Twitter”. This came along with the most Re-Tweeted photo of Barack Obama & his wife. This was a very interesting joke for some interesting people. In Twitter style.

  • Skype into Space.

This was another interesting prank, but not much spread like others. This had some features of using Skype in Space. The funniest was :

Automatic video rotation If you float around in zero gravity while on a video call, the person you’re calling will always see you the right way up.

  • White House.

White house was no way behind. Excellence Barack Obama himself addressed to wish Happy April. Click the below video.

  • Virgin.

Virgin exaggerated so much that they announced glass-bottomed plane.

Virgin Plane. Best, Collected April Fools’ Day Pranks Of 2013.

Virgin’s Glass Bottomed Plane.

  • Coursera.

Coursera an online website which offers free courses. For some even provides certificates. It is almost a year old & has gathered a great online reputation. They announced a new course. Description.

  • Sony.

Sony introduces products for animals. Targeted at owners with dogs, cats and hamsters. This was funny no doubt.

  • Disney.

Disney founds Mickey’s face like craters on Moon.

Way back in India. All eyes where on Twitter. Because, Twitter celebrated this day in India as Rahulday with jokes on our future Prime Minister Rahul Gandhi. You can still follow those by hash tag #Rahulday. This reached the top most spot among trending topics around 3 p.m. There where even some vulgar talks, I got some sober comments below. enjoy.