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Welcome To netizensstop.com - A STOP FOR NETIZEN’S ONLINE NEEDS.

Hi, My name is Shailendra Singh Bais. I am the Admin & Owner of this blog. I am a Professional – Part-Time Blogger, Web Designer, Webmaster, Search Engine Optimizer, Page optimizer,  from Gulbarga, Karnataka – INDIA.

I can myself say to be a Internet Geek. This my passion of mine made me to come up with this site. So, let me first explain why Netizensstop.com?

I have been surfing Web World since 1999 or even before. This place has changed dramatically. Let me sum it up like this – From E-mail → Voice/Video Chats → Social Networking/Bookmarking → Online Advertising Growth → Search Engine Development → Blogging Issues → Widgets → Browser Development → Online Maps → RSS → Satellite Viewing → Mobile Computing → E-Commerce → M-Commerce → Cloud Computing.

No doubt left few innovations seen by common man last decade. In this Web World development of that decade, there were surely a type of tech wars between companies. Now, do each and every person understands what the company want to express, NO? Do each and every person get quick news about new innovations that major companies make, NO?

So, here is what Blogging and a Blogger like me comes in and fills in the gap. I always believe in fun based learning. So is with my blog. Here is a cartoon explaining what Blogging is?

Explaining What Blogging Is?

Observe The Cartoon Below (R-L) To Understand Blogging :

  1. Traffic Comes to our site.
  2. The site gets displayed with mouse click.
  3. Traffic can be classified into knowledgeable/Without any knowledge.
  4. We make them to stop, with our articles.
  5. They comment, to which we reply. Hence, interaction.
  6. They gain sme knowledge from our site, showing enlighten.
  7. They follow us with our presence on Social Networking Sites.

At Netizensstop.com – Our categories include :

Cyber Bigies (All present major Cyber Companies), Utilities (E & O Utilities, Mobile Applications), Trends (Past, Present And Future, Also include Facts, How-To Guides And Tutorials), Hacks (Ethical Hacks, Tweaks, System Optimization), News(Mostly Related to Internet, Offers And Announcements), Softwares and Fun (Freeware Links, Top List and Fun), Website Handling (Blogging, Web Designing, SEO, Making Money). Well, few are yet to come.

Our Social Presence :

Here, we have used traditional approach which most blogs lack today. In sense, when blogs use to be more personal. Ya, I am traditional. Here, you can follow us by our Social Buttons/Fan Pages. Also, follow the Admin (Shailendra Singh Bais) in personal. I personally advice to follow both the ways. Sometimes, some things won’t require a complete article to say. So, we I can say with ease. I also, believe in Gimmicks. These, brings a lot of traffic.

Other than this, we have some more things in our kitty for you to Follow/Subscribe. This is for Learning through videos, For discussion, For sharing, For Bookmarking.

One person can’t be active on so many platforms. But, I am mostly active on Facebook & Via Email: [email protected].